Unique Features

Connect multiple Magento installations, stores and companies (b2c, b2b, webshop, POS) to one Clougistic environment and manage the inventory of all different stores/companies easily in one place.

Clougistic supports products with custom options and can trigger and inform the (internal or external) production department to create the custom made products. Inventory and costs of the needed products and raw materials are also managed by Clougistic.

Easily add or change unlimited warehouses, zones, packing tables, print nodes and users. Roles and permissions of users can easily be added and changed when needed.

Design and customize Clougistic to your needs. Define roles and permissions for every warehouse employee and add as much users, warehouses, zones and packing tables as necessary.

Combine Clougistic easily with Magento CMS and other software such as CRM- and finance software.

All major carriers are supported: UPS, FedEx, DHL, DPD, USPS, PostNL, etc. Clougistic also supports flexible delivery options such as delivery in the evening, pick up extra early at the post office, packages automat and a chosen delivery time & date. Shipping labels can be (re)printed with ease.


  • 100% Magento Integration: all Magento features / options are supported
  • Paperless picking with any bluetooth scanner
  • Wave Picking & Zone Picking
  • Store different products with EAN/GTIN on 1 stocklocation
  • Integrated min/max auto replenishment
  • Inventory Management for multiple webshops with stock entity option
  • Bill of material
  • Cycle counting
  • Purchase orders can be generated automatically or manually
  • ETA & ETD for purchase orders and items is returned to Magento and can be shown on e-commerce websites
  • Generate production orders automatically
  • Create production orders from bundle products
  • Assign orders to your production team or external suppliers
  • Control and optimize stocklevels of raw materials or components
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  • Pick multiple orders at the same time
  • Fast paperless picking with any bluetooth scanner
  • Wave picking
  • Zone picking
  • Gather and merge partial orders from different zones
  • Unlimited users
  • Multiple businesses supported
  • Multiple warehouses supported
  • Multiple zones supported
  • Multiple packingtables supported
  • Store different products with GTIN+ (EAN/UPC) on 1 stocklocation
  • Easily add users and define roles & permissions


  • Integrated auto min/max replenishment
  • Inventory management for multiple webshops with stock entity option
  • Inventory management for products, raw materials & components
  • Multi inventory for different companies
  • Bill of material
  • Reservation options
  • Fast import inventory data (drag and drop .csv files)
  • Easily move products between inventory locations
  • Move and block inventory in case of faulty products
  • Cycle counting


  • Generate purchase orders automatically or manually
  • Generate purchase return orders for suppliers
  • Replenish policies: min max & stock entity
  • ETA & ETD for purchase orders and items
  • Multiple suppliers for each SKU
  • Drag & drop supplier data
  • Stock value can be updated based on extra costs
  • Reserve purchased quantity for Sales Orders


  • Generate production orders automatically
  • Assign orders to your production team or external suppliers
  • Optimize stocklevels of raw materials or components
  • Handle nested bill of materials
  • Control inventory of raw materials with bill of materials
  • Keep track of all production and purchase orders
  • Custom option products are seperated from normal stock
  • Suppliers can see the custom options needed to produce
  • Import bill of materials by drag and drop .csv files


  • Magento integration based on json export
  • Support of simple, configurable, bundled & grouped products
  • Check product custom options in Clougistic, even document uploads
  • Cancelled or hold orders affect Clougistic orders automatically
  • Connect multiple Magento installations to one Clougistic account
  • Stock updates in Clougistic will be visible in all connected Magento shops. Quantity and ETA
  • Process orders based on the delivery date set in Magento


  • Dashboard provides real-time data about sales orders, purchases, shipments, tasks, inventory, process and products
  • Detailed info is shown for products, inventory, locations, replenishment, purchasing, orders and more
  • Generate and export reports such as sales, stock value, gross margin, supply by supplier