Inventory Management

Lower storage costs and never run out of stock.

Combine expertise and insights with Clougistic’s integrated forecasting option to optimize stock levels. Keep production up and running, with just enough raw materials and components, always deliver when needed. Sell the same products in multiple shops? Use Clougistic’s unique stock entity.

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Clougistic Inventory Management




Calculate re-order points and quantity for optimum stock levels


Keep track of inventory availability in all stages at all times

Multi Inventory

Know exactly where inventory is located, even for different companies

Bill of Material

Automatically keep inventory for products in a bill of material


Reserve inventory for customers and outlets for future sales


Fast import inventory data by drag and drop .csv files


Keep track of movements between inventory locations

Cycle Count

Enhance your inventory accuracy with our cycle count inventory audit

Stock Entity

Need to manage inventory for multiple webshops? And those webshops do not belong to the same company?
Use our stock entity option. The stock entity will keep enough stock for all webshops.