Handle custom made products with ease.

Optimize stocklevels of raw materials or components that are needed to create the final product and keep delivery times as short as possible. When you receive an order with a custom made product, your in-house production department or external suppliers receive a production order to supply the finished product. Add the finished product to your stock and it’s ready for delivery.

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Clougistic bill of materials



Production Order

Suppliers will receive a production order with instructions directly from the corresponding e-commerce platform

Bill of material

Handle nested bill of materials with unlimited SKU’s


Provide suppliers with raw materials from the bill of material or finished products to add custom options

Keep Control

All production and raw material orders are visible in Clougistic


Products with custom options are kept separate from regular stock

Raw materials

Keep inventory of raw materials needed for products with bill of materials

Custom Options

Instructions needed to produce finished products are visible for the assigned supplier


Bill of materials are easily imported by drag and drop .csv files