Warehouse Management

Work fast and accurate, be in control!

Combine Wave picking and Zone picking. Track every action with a low budget Android tablet and a simple 2D bluetooth scanner. Easy, fast and flawless. And when business is booming you easily add users, define their roles and control permissions. Even the warehouse design can be changed in a few simple steps by adding zones and packing tables.

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Clougistic Warehouse Management



Ready for growth

Configure multi-site warehouses, zones, picking & packing grids

Keep Control

Direct tasks to skilled warehouse employees

No Paper

Only scan bins and products, work fast and accurate

Multi Business

Keep track of stock from different companies in one warehouse

Shipping Label

On demand cloud printing of shipping labels, seemless integrated with Magento

Optimize Space

Store different products with GTIN (EAN/UPC) on 1 stocklocation to optimize storage


Collect goods from different zones to complete an order for shipment or production


There’s no terminal needed. All tasks can be completed with a mobile device