Clougistic – Paperless Magento WMS

Clougistic is an extensive and low-cost warehouse management SaaS solution for Magento. 

Paperless: eliminate paper and printing costs, boost warehouse output and increase accuracy to more than 99% with electronic inventory and barcode scanning. Clougistic guides warehouse employees through all processes, from receiving goods to shipping orders.

Full featured: cover every process to optimize your inventory. Manage intake, picking, packing, production, purchasing and returns with ease.

In the cloud: run Clougistic wherever you are. All you need is internet and a mobile device.

Clougistic Paperless Warehouse Management Software


Run your business

Integrate multiple software vendors to manage sales, finance, warehousing & production. Connect the best SaaS solutions to serve your business needs. If Magento is already your hub to finance software, add Clougistic warehouse management software to complete your software stack.

  • Handle all Magento producttypes, even with custom options (awesome to trigger production).
  • Connect Multiple Magento shops, even on seperate installations.
  • Feedback shipment to create invoices in Magento. Partial delivery and invoices are supported.

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