Clougistic – Paperless WMS

Clougistic is an extensive and low-cost warehouse management SaaS solution.

100% Magento integration: suitable for all Magento producttypes and connecting  multiple Magento shops

Paperless: eliminate paper and printing costs, boost warehouse output and increase accuracy to more than 99% with electronic inventory and barcode scanning. Clougistic guides warehouse employees through all processes, from receiving goods to shipping orders.

Full featured: cover every process to optimize your inventory. Manage intake, picking, packing, production, purchasing and returns with ease.

In the cloud: run Clougistic wherever you are. All you need is internet and a mobile device.


Run your business

Integrate multiple software vendors to manage sales, finance, warehousing & production. Connect the best SaaS solutions to serve your business needs. If Magento is already your hub to finance software, add Clougistic warehouse management software to complete your software stack.

  • Handle all Magento producttypes, even with custom options (awesome to trigger production).
  • Connect Multiple shops, even on seperate installations.
  • Feedback shipment to create invoices or shipment labels. Partial delivery and invoices are supported.

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Clougistic helps me to improve my business by monitoring and managing real live the volumes and value of our actual stock in our warehouses

LudoManager FightShop4U

The Clougistic software works smoothly with our magento webshops; especially the interaction between our warehouses, showrooms and our expedition department is impressive


The Clougistic team helped us with our problems in picking and packing in different zones and shipping them with different courier services to our customers

AntoineProduction Manager

We did the Clougistic installation including the link building with our Magento webshop ourselves, with a little bit of help from the Clougistic Team; after a short learning period we use most of the functions and we still discover new smart features

DennisLogistics - Scala

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